Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Live Greetings from Sanquhar!

We visited Scotland in August as a family, and spent five days in Sanquhar (my first time there). It's a fine burgh, with beautiful surrounding countryside. Here we are at the Bogg, where Marion Brown lived (photograph by Iain Hutchison, who kindly gave us the complete Marion Brown Tour on a rainy chilly day):
There's a mailbox near one of Marion Brown's in-town addresses that still has "VR" on it--for "Victoria Regina"--so it's been in use since Marion's lifetime. Seemed only right that I should also send something to my American kin from that box. (I made a set of Marion Brown postcards before we left, in preparation for this.)

We saw Marion Brown's tombstone (shared with Tam Scott and his wife), and Aunt Agnes's tombstone (in the most forlorn cemetery ever--outside the town of Wanlockhead, nowhere near a church, haunted by many sheep), and several others' as well. We were also in Sanquhar for the 100th Riding of the Marches--a grand parade and field day, with great bands.

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