Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bogg, Thursday Morning (probably 1872-3)

The stationery for this brief letter is unusual for Marion Brown: pre-printed swirly linework around the border of the page, with a love poem at the top:
I've told thee.
I've told thee, I've told thee, a hundred times o'er
I love thee, I love thee, what can I say more?
I care not for wealth, and I ask not for fame,
I love thee and thy love is all that I claim.
Then look not thus doubting, nor turn thee away,
And cease to reproach me thus day after day,
I tell thee again, as I've told thee before,
I love thee until I can love thee no more.
Can't find any source for this poem, or even any mention of it by googling. Citations welcome.

This letter was addressed to "My Dear Cousin," so we can assume it's for Marion Glencross (It says "to Marion" on the back, on a rare blank page from Marion Brown). But the sentiment--that's maybe also for the subject of the letter, James Bryden, recently arrived in America. Marion Brown would love to be in America to help her younger cousin to make clothes, and to share news. But as she's not there, she can only rely on correspondence, which she requests "soon soon."

The Bogg
Thursday Morning

My Dear Cousin

We have have [sic] been wearing very much to hear from you all Aunt has been watching the post every day for a fortnight it was her that ran and met him to get the one I got from Jeamie we was all very glad to see from it that he all safe. for all the papers I got I never saw the arrival of his boat. you must be sure and write soon and let me know how you are pleased with the things Jeamie took for you I wish I was beside you to help you to get them made, I have two visits from Sarah Johnstone she is a fine healthy girl I think she is very like her mother in some ways. Jeamie will tell you all the news at this time so I have little more to say at present so as the post will soon be here I will stop for this time give my kind love to your father and uncle Joseph and all his family and Aunt says you are not to be so lazy at writting execpt of my kind love to your own dear self from your loving & affectionate cousin Marion Brown

PS now be sure & write soon soon