Monday, November 15, 2010

Tower Cottages, 26 April 1874

This is a dreary spring letter! Everyone at Tower Cottages has been sick with colds, Marion Brown has "not the same spirit" since they moved from the Bogg,* Aunt is dreaming of James Bryden having an ill relation, and many in the neighborhood have died recently. But... the weather has been beautiful, and Marion is grateful to be feeling better.

*The difference between the Bogg and the location of Tower Cottages was quite striking when we visited Sanquhar this summer. The Bogg has a dramatic setting, hilly, with a grand view even on a stormy day (called "outstanding panoramic views" by the rental agency these days). Tower Cottages has no such view, but as Marion says, perhaps the nearby walking is more pleasant.

Tower Cottages
April 26th 1874

My Dear Friend

I have no doubt but you may think it strange of me always being so long in answering your letters from this place I don't know how it is I have not the same spirit. However puting all that aside I hope this will find you and all friends well when it reaches you. We have all had a very bad turn with cold. Tom was worst but I think the warm weather is going to make him better we have had beautiful weather for the last two weeks.

Aunt was bad to but to tell the truth she is so much of her way that she does not feel herself at all. I have to tell you from her that she wakened dreaming about you this morning and she thought that both you & her was at the Bogg again and you was going to carry a woman in from the door that was not well and she can send you nothing very brights this time but perhaps she will have more to say next time and she hopes you will not be long in writting after you get this and let us know if anything has been wrong with any of you that she started to dream.

I have had a very bad turn myself but how thankful I ought to be that I am so much better and can move about again. there has been a good many deaths around us this spring both old and young

This will be a beautiful place in summer there is a glen goes up past the house and with trees and flowers it is quite a pleasure to take a walk along the side of it. Uncle William and all his family is quite well uncle is often asking for you. give my kind love to uncle John and Joseph and all friends not forgetting yourself and Marion and how well I could like to be beside you. now I must stop and beleive me to be your Affectionate Friend

Marion Brown

be sure and write soon and let me know all the news and if you ever hear about me getting married now. M. B.