Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tower Cottages, 2 July 1877

This letter is somewhat damaged (in its current existence it's in four pieces), but full of news. Aunt's been unwell, Marion's lost her voice, Tam's okay, weather is hot; there's a crop report, a wages report, and the terrible news that Marion's sister Sarah in London is sick in a hospital with smallpox, leaving two little children in danger of losing their mother. Marion Brown is moved to an extended paragraph on religious resignation to God's will by this news.

What she is not moved to mention: this letter was written on Marion Brown's 33rd birthday.

Tower Cottages
July 2nd 1877

My Dear Friends

We are always very glad to see a letter from any of you and I hope this will find you all in the enjoyment of good health which is the best earthly blessing we can have I am sorry to [have to?] tell you that Aunt has been very poorly it was like bilious fever she had and she was very sick for a week but is now on the way of improveing if she could take more food I think she would soon get stronger but she can take almost nothing However we must hope for the best and look to our Father in heaven for the blessing on the means that is used.

the weather is come in very warm and it is very trying at least I feel it very much my voice is entirely [failing?] me again you could scarce know a word I say. Tam is keeping wonderful well this some time which is a good thing when both aunt & me has been complaining. I was sorry to see from your letter that uncle Joseph had been so long bad but I hope he is still keeping better & all the rest well,

you want to know what kind of crops we have here abouts well as far as I have seen corn hay potatoes and turnips is all looking very well at the season. [unreadable section lost in a torn fold] country is dull as well as with you at Thornhill hay and harvest fair the masters tried hard to bring down the wages but in general the servants got about last years wages I have very little new to tell you this time I had such bad news from London [unreadable section] my sister Sarah is very bad with smallpox they are not qute sure how it will stand with her yet her husband tried hard to get keeping her at home I mean in their own house [unreadable section] knew it was small pox he made her be taken away to the hospital, we must just wait with patience and hope for the best. she had two little boys and if she is taken from them they will miss a mothers care which is a great want, but God knows best what way is the best and what he sees fit to do we have no right to say a word but human nature is hard to bend and we feel the afflicting rod hard to bear but we have great promises to cheer us in affliciton as well as in health for whom God loveth he chasteneth and he is the friend that sticketh closer than a brother

now I must draw to a close uncle William and his family is all well at present and all friends here as far as I know and hopping to hear from you soon and with kind love to you all every one in which Aunt and Tam joins I remain your affectionate cousin

Marion Brown

PS tell uncle John that we have a great time here with hens instead of singing birds M. B.