Friday, January 14, 2011

Tower Cottages, 25 October 1874

[Image at left: Portrait of a young woman from family albums, labeled "Jane Law" in pencil on the back; there's another photograph of Miss Jane Law posted here]

Last letter surviving from 1874. Marion Brown's health has taken a turn: she was blind for a week, and still has sore eyes; for five weeks, she has been unable to speak "any louder than a whisper." But she's writing to James Bryden anyway. Aunt is still missing her cows and the Bogg; Tam Scott is working in a coal pit now that the harvest season has ended. In Dunmore, Marion Glencross's friend Jane Law (pictured at left) is getting married--but James and Marion G still haven't got married. Marion B still hopes to attend their wedding in America, and "kick up a right spree."

Tower Cottages
25 October 1874

My Dear Friend

I received your very welcome letter this day week and was very glad to see from it that you and all friend was well when you wrote which is the greatest blessing we can enjoy in this world. I have not been so well this last five weeks I cannot speak any louder than a whisper and I have had sore eyes I was blind for a week but I am thankful that my eyes is a little better and I hope I will continue well if it is Gods will.

Aunt is about her useal way but is always the same as if she was not at home when she has no cows to work with she says that she would like to see you here she thinks you would cheer her up the time you was here. You tell me in your letter that Jane Law is going to be married about the end of this month she is going to beat you and Marion but as the saying goes there is luck in lesure I always think that I have to be over in time to get your wedding and if I should chance to be there I would kick up a right spree.

It has been very wet weather this long time if one day is dry the next is sure to be wet every body is busy here just now raiseing there potatoes and from what I hear there is a very good crop throughout the country.

Now James you see this letter is commenced on the 23rd of October and this is the eight of November and you will see by the beginning of it that I have not been so well and I can tell you that I have had very sore eyes and could scarcly see any but I am glad that they are improving now or I could not write so well.

Tam is working in a coal pit now since he came home from his harvest but he does not like it very well and the coal trade is not so brisk here as it was last year.

You may tell Marion that we are wearing very much to get a letter from her. now I must stop at this time I hope I will can write more next time if spared & well & with kind love to you and all friends and may God be your guide is the desire of your affectionate friend Marion Brown

I hope you will not be long in writting M. B.