Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tower Cottages, 11 January 1874

The change Marion Brown has feared is her new reality as this letter posts. The Brown/Scott household is no longer living at the Bogg, but closer in to town at Tower Cottages. Tam Scott, still recovering from his illness (probably tuberculosis), is working in a wet quarry and feeling the effects. Aunt is considering emigration to America--where she might live near her brothers and their families--and Marion Brown is hopeful. Marion wants to go to America, but won't leave Aunt behind. Meanwhile, Marion's grandmother has passed away at Carronbridge, and she traveled to be with her family there for a week. The new year passed with little notice in their new home.

Tower Cottages
January 11th 1874

My Dear Friend

I know you will be thinking me long in writting to you but when you know all the ups and downs I have had you will forgive me I hope this will find you in good health and I am glad to be able to say that we are all in moderate health in the meantime altho we all feel a great change to what we was used to at the Bogg. Aunt has been very bad with a sore back this some time for a week she was not able to cross the floar but she is rather better this two days past. sometimes she thinks she will go to America and then she thinks she cannot go. Tam is working in a quarry close at the house but he is not agreeing very well with it for he gets himself wet often and he does not do to be wet since he was ill. I would like very well if Aunt would make up her mind to go to America for I would like to so well to be there but the only thing is I would not like to leave her poor body she is so much off her way that some times she is quite stupid and if I was to leave her she has nobody but I would like so well if she would go give Marion my kind love and say that I am going to write to her some of these days. We had a very quite new year we scarcly knew the difference. I think I have little more worth writting at this time and you must not take my example but write soon and let me know how you are getting on my grandmother died after the term and I was away at Carronbridge for more than a week now I must stop and with kind love to you in which Aunt joins I remain your very affectionate friend
Marion Brown
Tower Cottages
By Sanquhar

PS be sure and write soon M. B.

Friday, July 2, 2010

July 2: Happy Birthday, Marion Brown!

Marion Brown was born on this date in 1843. Her correspondent Marion Glencross Bryden had a daughter Helen on July 2; and Helen Bryden Marsh's great-grand-son Chris (my cousin) was also born on July 2. So it's the family birthday.

July 2 also marks the second anniversary of the Letters from Sanquhar blog, because I started it on Marion Brown's 165th birthday. So happy two years. Got plenty of letters to cover several more years, at the rate I'm going.