Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tower Cottages, 20 November 1876

Short, rather grouchy note, reporting Aunt Agnes's disappointment about the lack of correspondence from her brothers in America. The winter has been early and hard so far in Sanquhar, and it's making Aunt's rheumatisms worse. Marion's health is also worse than recently, and "I cannot walk a step with a sore back." Crops were good, and "we are not traveling far to hear many news"--maybe a comment on the Tower Cottages being closer to the town than their old home at the Bogg.

Tower Cottages
Novr. 20th 1976

Dear Uncle

It is now so long since we heard from any of you that we have been wearing very much to know how you are all keeping I am sure there has not a day passed for three weeks past but Aunt has had some one at the post to see if there was not a letter from America but no there has no news come yet so Aunt just told me this morning that I was to write to you this time and see if you would answer any quicker as Uncle Joseph or James Bryden. She thinks far more about any of you being long in writting now as she did when we was at the Bogg she has not so much work to do and gets more time to think some times she will say I think Joseph & John has forgot that they have a sister in this country now at all I have to say that she hopes you are all well and that some of you will not be long in writting. You have to tell Bryden from her that he told her in fun that she was long in getting the tea ready but she thinks in reallity that he is long in writting this time.

We have had very cold weather of late the snow was lying white on the hills for some days and now we are having rain every day and today the rain is just falling in torrents so I may say that winter seems to set in very soon this year. In general there has been good crops the corn potatoes and turnips has all been very good at the Tower and we are not traveling far to hear many news. Aunt is some times very bad with rheumatisms in her legs and arms and the changeable weather make her feel them more and for me I am not very strong some days I cannot walk a step with a sore back. now I will stop hopping to hear from you soon and with kind love to you and all friends I remain your affectionate neice Marion Brown