Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sanquhar knitting in the news

I've mentioned (a few times, no doubt) that Marion Brown was a knitter.  A Sanquhar knitter! How do we know?  She said so:
"I was begun to knit a pair of black and white stockings to Marion to let her see some of our  Sanquhar patterns." (letter dated 20  September  1869)

Anyway, it's good to see Sanquhar knitters in the news. Thanks to Melissa for this link. A' the Airts wasn't quite open yet when we visited Sanquhar in 2010, just "coming soon" in the windows; glad to see it's going strong now.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Townfoot, 31 May 1882

A quick letter of thanks for a much-welcomed gift of money from America.  Marion Brown's religious resignation and Aunt's love of mail from abroad (and hope for a visit) are repeated here; but there's a bit of optimism, as the weather has been warm and the crops look good.  (But Marion Bryden and the boys didn't ever make that "trip across the sea.")
31st May 1882

Dear Friends

I received your very kind letter on Saturday and received the money all right on Monday.  Dear friends I cannot express how thankful I am to you for it and may God give you a blessing for your kindness to me.  I have been a long time helpless and does not know how long I may be in the same state nor has no right to know. God's ways are not as our ways and we ought to be as content as we can with our lot in whatever state we may be placed.  

Aunt joins me in many thanks to Uncle John for his kindness to us and hopes he will always have plenty for it has given us great relief in the meantime. Aunt is wonderful in her health but her strength is failing her very much Aunt has her kind regards to you all and says if you could get Marion to set out both her and the boys might be the better of a trip across the sea. 

Robert McWhir sends his kind regards to uncle John and says he would like to have one day with him now.  Tam and his wife and two boys are all well.  I saw uncle William last night and his family are all well.  They tell me that crops of all kinds are looking well this year as yet the weather has been warm in this last two weeks.  Provision of all kinds is very dear. 

I must stop for I am tired excuse all the blunders and be sure and write soon you would not believe how Aunt talks on about letters from America with kind regards to you all I am your affectionate friend Marion Brown