Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Townfoot, 17 May 1883

A long newsy letter about health, mainly, and the wearying wait for letters from America.  In two places Marion is writing Aunt Agnes's messages for her.
17th May 1883

My Dear Friends

It is now a long time since I wrote to you or got a letter from you. Aunt has been talking about you all so often this some time past that she told me just to write to you and say that she takes such wearing fits that she would be so pleased to get a letter often some times she says she is sure Uncle John would not know me now. 

I hope this will find you all in good health. Aunt has been wonderful well in health but she is failing she went away to Hawcleughside to help them to set potatoes and she is come home quite done out poor body she is so willing to work but she cannot Tam did not want her to go but she would go and try Tam & his wife and family are all well they have another addition to their family on the 17th of March they have two sons and a daughter now, Samuel, Tam, and Mary. I am not getting any better the doctor says I am weaker this last two or three weeks I feel it myself. Aunt tells me she thinks me more helpless every time she lifts me to get the bed made, but it is God's will and I hope he  will give me grace to be content with my lot whatever way I may be 

I may also tell you that my sister Sarah died on the 18th of April and has left three little ones which is likly to feel the want of their mother very much she has been ill for a long time her trouble was consumption there is many a different trouble we are afflicted with and all our afflictions are sent for some end if only we can see what for my brother James has had a sore time with typhus fever among his family his wife was worse than any of the children she was not thought to get better but God has his own ways of working she is getting better but very slowly she is able to sit up but can walk none yet James was nurse himself for two months but it was a blessing. He kept well himself for with eight children and their mother lying he would have plenty to do.

Uncle William and his wife and family are all well uncle is still working in the woods now I think I have told you about all our friends. We have had very cold weather this spring till this week it has been a little warmer they tell me that grass is far back yet. Tam is still with Mrs. Slimmon work about here is very dull and provision is very high. How are you getting on with your new business I hope you are doing well Aunt bids me say if she was only within reach she would go to th [torn paper] with you and she would keep you from wearing for altho her legs and arms are failing her tongue can wag yet and tell John if I had him between me and the door when I take a wearing fit for a letter he would think me as good at speaking as ever now I have written her story as near the way she has told me as I can now I am getting tired but hoping to hear from you soon and with kind regards to you all every one and all other friends I am your Affectionate friend Marion Brown