Monday, April 25, 2011

Tower Cottages, 14 June 1875

Here we learn about Marion's turn of health--she cannot speak and is "dull" company for her Aunt; she had had twelve teeth removed to date, and is receiving "galvanic shooks" (galvanism, or electrotherapy, was a popular treatment for many conditions in Marion Brown's day). She also continues her vaguely suggestive/flirtatious tone with James Bryden, hoping that he might come and cheer her up, and wishing "I was beside you to get a ride on your fine horse."

Tower Cottages
June 14th 1875

My Dear Friend

I have no doubt you will be thinking me as long in writting to you as ever but I have put of from day to day for a week thinking I would could say that I was better but it will not do yet for I can speak none at all now I have to write everything I want to say I am getting galvanic shooks every day the Doctor say they are they only thing that will do me good so I must just wait with patience and see what turns up for me. I hope this will find you and all friends well when it reaches you I am glad to be able to say that Tam has had pretty good health this some time and Aunt is wonderful but has never been so strong since she had a bad cold about the new year she bids me tell you that if you was to come in some day before she knew you would give her a surprise but she would be very happy to see you and she thinks I would be so much the better of you to cheer me up as she would for since I could not speak she thinks me very dull. I was sorry to see from your letter that you had been so bad with toothach it is a very annoying disease and some has very little pity for it but I am sorry to see any one bad with it for I have had my share of it I have got twelve taken out, I could like very well if I was beside you to get a ride on your fine horse many a canter I have had on Miss Kennedys pony when I was at the Bogg. give my kind regards to Marion and tell her I am wearing for her letter and she is to be sure and send me Sarah Johnstone's address for her Grandmother is wearing for it. The gardens will be in full bloom now I hope you will have a good crop of everything the crops here is looking very well as yet. now I can think of nothing else worth writting at this time with kind love to you and all friends in which Aunt and Tam joins I remain your affectionate Friend
Marion Brown
Be sure and write soon