Monday, October 11, 2010

Tower Cottages, 5 March 1874

A chatty letter to James Bryden. Marion reports the news (Tom Scott's job at the quarry, a new baby for uncle William, the death of her uncle Adam Brown), and her uncertainty about the future--she still hopes to go to America, soon, but does not want to leave Aunt. She didn't like being part of her new cousin's naming ceremony at church; she has to walk a ways to meet the postman from Tower Cottages, and the new setting also makes her more "weary" for a letter.

Tower Cottages
By Sanquhar
Dumfries Shire
March 5th 1874

My Dear friend

I have much pleasure in answering your kind letter and I hope this will find you and all friends well when it reaches you Aunt is in moderate good health and Tom is keeping better I have had a very bad cold but I think I am on the way of getting better.

Tom is working in a quarry close at the house and what shall I tell you uncle Williams wife has another daughter and I carried it to the church on Sunday the first day of March to be named and I can tell you I would rather have been some other where for I did not like the job. However some body had to do it and I have got over it. I don't know how I have to answer your question as to going to America I could like so well to go myself and the only thing that keeps me is I do not like to leave Aunt and I can asure you if I do come I will bring anything you give me the order for and I will let you know in plenty of time to send me the money and I think I could get over velvet for a jacket without putting it round my body below my sark and I am sure we would have many a happy day together if we was spared to meet, many a time when I am sitting thinking I remember the time when uncle John used to dress me with ribbons and tell me to walk through the house with a prim mouth, but time is very uncertain

I have lossed two uncles my Grandmother and my father in less than a year. You can tell uncle Joseph the first time you see him after you get this that Adam Brown my uncle died on the 28th of Feburary and was only a week ill it was inflmation that was his trouble and it was the same with my father but I hope they are all happier as we could have made them here.

now you must tell Marion that I meant to have written to her before this but with one thing and another I am behind but I hope you will excuse my indolence and if we ever meet I will pay up for want of letters with my tongue and if ever we do meet you know we will have many a queer story to turn over. now I must stop for it is near post time and I have a good bit to go to meet him with kind love to you in which Aunt joins I remain your affectionate Friend Marion Brown

PS be sure and write soon after you get this for I weary more here as I did at the Bogg goodbye and God be with you all M. B

Aunt bids me say that you are to tell uncle John if he has not a letter away he is to write soon M.B.