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Tower Cottages, 12 February 1874

A newsy letter, punctuated with some rather shocking news. An acquaintance in the neighborhood has murdered her newborn. This story is mentioned almost in passing, as it relates to the troubles of Mr. Kennedy their old landlord. Marion fully expects to go to America here, or so it sounds--she's making plans with James to carry some things across. Tam is working again, but not strong and prone to "thinking fits" and low spirits.

Tower Cottages
Feburary 12th 1874

My Dear Friend

I received your very welcome letter in due time and was glad to see from it that you was all well when you wrote. I hope you have got a letter from me before this reaches you at least you ought to have got one and uncle John to. we are all in moderate health in the meantime with the execption of having the cold we have all had a turn of it but is on the way of getting better. Tam is working in a quarry close at the house when he is able but he is never so strong as he was he has never got over the turn up he had in summer he takes thinking fits and gets low spirited over it all that can be said to him you say that if I come out in spring you want me to bring you out some things I will only be to happy to do so and if Aunt would only concent to take the road I could be quite pleased for it has been my desire for a long time to be in America the only thing I would not like to leave Aunt. but we will see what turns up in a month or two.

the way Aunt left the Bogg I was very sorry for her but Mr. Kennedy has got more matters to talk about as what he said to Aunt you will remember Katty Hunter at the Bridge that you and me when to see well she has had a child since we left and has murdered it so he can take a look at that for a change but just to tell the truth Aunt is better away from the Bogg as to stop and him always grumbling about our some thing else.

you must give Marion my kind love and say she must excuse me for being so long in writting to her for I have been away nursing since I got her last letter uncle William has got another addition to his family both Mother and daughter was doing well when I left uncle is working in the woods just now. now James I think I must draw to a close give my kind regards to all that asks for me and the same to yourself from your affectionate Friend
Marion Brown
Tower Cottages by Sanquhar

PS Be sure and write soon I weary more here as I did at the Bogg M. B

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