Wednesday, January 14, 2009


In somewhat related news:

The National Galleries of Scotland began contributing images to the Flickr Commons project today--can't wait to check that out. I've been following the Library of Congress uploads on Flickr for a year now, and just started exploring the other collections in the Commons.

And don't you love when a new journal article says someone should be doing...exactly what you're doing? I'm referring in this instance to Tanja Bueltmann, "'Where the Measureless Ocean between us will Roar': Scottish Emigration to New Zealand, Personal Correspondence and Epistolary Practices, c1850-1920," Immigrants and Minorities 26(3)(November 2008): 242-265. The abstract:
Personal correspondence is a unique source for migration historians in that it opens an unprecedented inroad into the interior world of migrants. Letters are more than simple means to add colour to historical analysis. By exploring the diverse range of epistolary practices among members of New Zealand's Scottish community, this study takes agency as its point of departure. In so doing, it focuses on the multifaceted roles of letters in the context of emigration. Not only did they record experiences and emotions, they also served as practical means of adjustment by facilitating continuity. They allowed Scots to keep in contact over vast distances, fostered networks, and provided a potent platform for the expression of memories.
Many of the passages Bueltmann quotes from the letters she's using could be paraphrases from the Sanquhar letters. Cool!

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