Friday, January 23, 2009

Aberdeen conference on "Migrating Minds"

(From H-Net--no, I'm not proposing a paper, but it looks like a conference where the Marion Brown letters would fit right in!--PLR]

Migrating Minds: Imagined Journeys - Imagined Homecomings 14-15 May 2009

The AHRC Centre for Irish and Scottish Studies at the University of Aberdeen will host a conference in 2009 on the topic “Migrating Minds: Imagined Journeys – Imagined Homecomings”. The conference will take place on the 14 and 15 May 2009 alongside the Aberdeen WORD Festival. Literature (both fiction and non-fiction), personal journals and correspondence, and art enable us to explore the impact that journeys and homecomings have had on Irish and Scottish imaginations. Irish and Scottish migrants, as well as those who sought to understand, interpret and exploit the experience of migration, participated in the production and circulation of these accounts and images both at home and abroad. As such, they form an important dimension to any understanding of the Irish and Scottish diasporas. With this in mind, we seek to investigate the idea of migration as a series of narratives and rhetorical tropes that develop over time. Papers that consider diasporic movements from a non Irish/ Scottish point of view are welcome as are those that adopt a theoretical perspective.

Dr. Paul Shanks
AHRC Centre for Irish and Scottish Studies
19 College Bounds
AB24 3DB
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