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Townfoot, 16 January 1882

A six-page letter in pencil, from the winter of 1882.  No mention of weather or crops or neighbors--Marion's confined to bed, in pain.  Her "stupid fits" kept her from writing; but she expresses the same religious resignation as ever.  Aunt is "failed" but still asking for news from America; she cannot promise swine curds to any visitors nowadays, but would still enjoy a visit.  Marion starts the letter thanking her cousin for a cash gift which has "relieved [her] mind greatly."  (Considering the content of the previous surviving letter in this collection, it's likely that Robina Boyle Scott's nasty accusations have left Marion feeling insecure in Tam's household.)

16th January 1882

Dear Friends

I write you in answer to your very kind and welcome letter which I received all right for which except my most sincere thanks and I hope you will always have plenty and good health to enjoy it. when a person is in need it makes them feel the more thankful for such a present as you have just sent me for I can asure you it has relieved my mind greatly in the meantime and I hope you will not feel the want of it as much as the good it has done me

I am not getting any stronger as yet the Doctor has to come to me every day and is still close confined to bed.  If it is God's will for me to be as I am why should I grumble but be content in whatever condition I may be sometimes I suffer a great deal of pain and sometimes not so much and I ought to be thankful when I am moderate. 

Tam and his wife and two boys are all well Aunt sends her kind compliments to you all and you are not to be long in writing to let us know how you are all getting on some times she takes such wearing fits she just talks on about you all and sometimes wonders if James Bryden will not take it into his head to take a trip over again and see us all but she will not can give him any swine curds this time. 

You are to be sure and send us word what the two boys are like and what uncle John is like for if he is like her he will be very much failed. Excuse me for being so long in writing I meant to write last week but I had one of my stupid fits and knew nothing for most of the week so I could not write. with kind regards to you all in which all here joins and hoping to hear from you soon I am your affectionate cousin Marion Brown

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