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Castle Mains, 15 March 1880

This is a long, disjointed, torn and damaged letter that contains big news.  Marion Brown, Aunt Agnes, Tam and his little family are moving, from Castle Mains to the Townfoot of Sanquhar.  Their landlord needs their place; the new house will be closer to town, and Aunt isn't too happy about that.  Meanwhile, Marion isn't able to walk right now, and Tam is out of work again.

This letter is not addressed to John Glencross, Marion Glencross Bryden, or James Bryden.  Marion wouldn't call any combination of them "Uncle & Aunt."  I suspect this was sent to other kin in America, and landed in the collection of papers at my family's house sometime afterwards.

Castle Mains
15th March 1880

Dear Uncle & Aunt

I may claim the shelter of the old proverb and say better late than never for I meant to write to you long before this but one thing after another came till this is the first of me and I hope when this reaches you that it will find you all in moderate good health I am glad to say that Tam and his wife and the little boy are in good health in the meantime, Aunt was not very well for a week

time and since they got better I feel weaker but if the weather was a little warmer I live in the hope of getting stronger but I am not able to walk any there is no use grumbling we must try to be content with our lot altho we may think it is a hard one sometimes, labouring work is very scarce around here Tam was idle the most of the winter but he is started to work

with him. provision is very dear but it has been a more open spring and perhaps there will be better crops this year. I may let you know that we are going to leave Castle Mains at Whitsunday Mr. Colvin's sister in law has given up her farm and is coming here to live so that is the reason we have to flit. we could not get a house in the country so we have got one at Sanquhar townfoot and

Aunt says   [splotch]
she will not live [splotch]
when she has to go to Sanquhar to live I am sorry for her she seems to think she will not be at home at all. You have to send her word then next time you write if Tom is started to work and if he is at home and what he is doing and what all the of the boys are doing, you wanted me to send you word about your Wanlockhead friend Well it is not often we hear much about them but last week heard that they were all in good health but William Scott he has been ill since Christmas almost close confined to bed the doctors does not say what is wrong with him I may also tell you that uncle William and his family are all well and my Brother and his family are all well but he is leaving Hucklands and has not got a place yet he got another addition to his family about a month since a son and his name is William I suppose it will be for William Halbert[?] I have to tell you that Robert McWhir is glad to hear that you are well and he would like just to have a day or two beside you now, and I have also to tell you that Jane Henderson that was at Glenlochy when you was there was asking for you she has been at the Castle this last winter looking after the cows. Now I must draw to a close hoping this will find you all well and all other friends well give our kind regards to all friends and except of the same to yourselves from your affectionate neice Marion Brown be sure to write soon.

Aunt is very much put about that she has to go into the town houses is very scarce and rents is very dear. I have to give you Aunt's kind regards time and since they got better

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