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Castle Mains, 4 September 1879

Another letter by Tam Scott, age 25.  The spelling, capitalization, and punctuation are all far less standard than Marion Brown's, so we know this is his own writing, and the topic seems to be something Marion Brown might not have known about:  Tam is asking his uncle in America, John Glencross, for his own passage to America.  His plan is to leave the rest of the household (his mother Agnes, wife Robina, cousin Marion, and little son) in Sanquhar until he can earn their passage.  The desperation in this letter is intense--there is no work in Sanquhar, Tam has tried going to the nearest city (Dumfries), but without luck.  He's afraid to fall into debt.  He promises to work and pay John back.

In the end, Tam Scott never left Scotland. 

Castle Mains
Sept 4th 1879

My Dear Uncle

I take up the Pen to write to you But I felt It rather a difficult task to write to one that I never Saw nor had any communication with But It is in a Pressing Case of Buseness that I am going to write upon I mean to Beleave that you know the way that I am Placed I have my Mother and my Cousin and my Wife and child to Mantian and I felt it rather a Difficult task to do it just now as I have Been out of work for a good while and have no prospects of getting work as it is not in the cuntry to get It has not Been so Bad in no mans Day that is living her that I can communicate with and I am consulting with rich and Poor and no Prospects of it Getting any Better for a good many years

I Even went to Dumfries and applied for a Police's Place and had Testmonials of Chacter from all my Masters that I Have iver Been with Past the Docter and all But have not Got a place as yet so you se that I would not Stick if their was any thing lick a chanch But I do ashure you that their is nothing to Be got hear In no Line of Buseness that I am going to [???] to is this If i Stop hear I will Get myself into det which will niver Be fit to Recuver my Self from and I Begg of you it it is in your Power to assist me in so far as this to take out my Passage to Sail at once to America.  My Self only and and I would stay and work till such time as I could Pay their Passage but the will not lift in the mean time till the se how I will do

I se By the account of the Papers that the are good Wadges going in america I hop you will Grant what I desire But I would rather that we had all sailled together but But it is much to ask of you I will or I ought to say that I would Be the Better of a little mony to Pay my Team's Expences and I could leave them about 3 Pounds till keep them till I could Send them more mony I fell it a very hard to ask to ask It of you But I will Pay you Back all right if I keep my helth hopping that you will Take out my Passage at once as I am Getting in a very uneasy State hear nothing to do and no prospects I fell my Place very much I beg to Remain 

Yours Truly T. G. Scott
Castle Mains

To John Glencross

Please if you are going to assist me By Return or I must amnegrant Try if you can have me a jobe if you take out my Passage

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