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Castle Mains, 24 February 1879

 A month has passed; still no work for Tam, Marion's ill in bed with "gravel" (kidney or gall stones--from the mention of back pain, probably the former), and the snow keeps coming.  In the US, James Bryden has broken his collar bone, but uncle John Glencross has sent some money to the Sanquhar household to help during this hard season.  (The younger son of James and Marion Bryden has a name (James), but the American cousins have neglected to mention that in letters so far.  "Aunt thinks you are all turned doiled" --"doiled" in this context means foolish, daft.)
Castle Mains
Feb 24th 1879

Dear Uncle

I write to let you know I received your kind letter on the 18th all right and I was able to go up to the bank and get the money and I got it all right and I have to say from Aunt that she was very thankful to see it for it has been a very hard winter here on all classes and you must execpt of my best thanks as well and I hope our heavenly Father will give you a blessing for your kindness to us. 

I was sorry to see from James Bryden's letter that he had got his collar bone broken but I hope before this time that he is quite better it has been bad weather this some time for broken bones I hope Marion and the two boys are well, you have never sent us word what the name of her youngest boy is Aunt says she thinks you are all turned doiled when you have forgot to send us the name of the boy.

I am writing this lying in bed so you must excuse blunders I have had a bad turn with gravel and my back is so sore that I have had to keep my bed for two days.  We have still very stormy weather the ground is white with snow and there has been a good deal more last night and still falling more today.  I hope the storm will soon go away now for I think every working man and farmers as well will be wearing for fresh weather for nobody can get working the frost has been so hard.

Tom has not been working for three months and he is getting very impatient now. Uncle William and his family are all well and all other friends as far as I know I must stop for I am getting tired.  Aunt sends her kind regards to you all and you are not to be so long in writing for we weary to hear from you all execpt of my kind regards to you hoping to hear from you before long and that this will find you all well and may God guide you all is the desire of your affectionate Neice

Marion Brown

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