Monday, July 11, 2011

Tower Cottages, 2 July 1876

Aunt has rheumatisms, Tam is working but spits up "much blood," and Marion has had a lump removed from her lip and a few blisters to treat chest pain. She tries to be grateful for the life she's given, but "I have not known what it is to have good health." What Marion doesn't mention: this letter is dated 2 July, Marion Brown's birthday--she turned 33 on the day she wrote this.
Tower Cottages
July 2nd, 1876

Dear Cousin

I have no doubt but you will be thinking me very long in writting to you but I will claim the shelter of the old proverb better late than never and try and do better for the time to come. I hope this will find you and all friends well when it reaches you. Aunt and Tam is wonderful well in the meantime Aunt is sometimes very bad with rehumatisms and not very good at walking when they are bad but hard work makes people fail faster. Tam is labouring with mason just now he does not like the work very well but he is near home and it is better as being in lodging when he is not very strong sometimes he is often troubled with a pain in his side and spits blood and no one is very strong when they spit much blood. and for myself I have been very frail this some time first there was a lump grew on my under lip and I had to get it cut off and then there is a pain in my left side that is annoying me very much the Doctor says my left lung is affected and I have had on three blisters but they do not seem to take much effect yet I have to go away some where for a change and not look at work of no kind for a month or two.

We are poor frail mortals when we have not health we have nothing and I think I may say that I have been one of those born to troubles for I have not known what it is to have good health since ever I was able to do anything for myself we may prepose but God disposes every thing and His way is the best so we have no right to say a word but be very thankful we are as we are.

We have had very warm weather here this some time and crop is looking very well in this part of the country at least as far as I have seen but I have not been traveling far this some time. There is very little going on here just now perhaps I will have more news next time if spared to write. Uncle William and his family is all well in the mean time and all other friends is well as far as I am aware. Aunt bids me say that you may come over and see her when ever you like and be sure and bring Marion with you to let her see her father & mother's native country for she thinks she will never be in America to see her. now I think have little more to say but this that if I have been long in writting I hope you will not take any example but write soon and let us know how you are all getting on and tell uncle Joseph that I am going to write to him very soon now when I am started to write again Aunt & Tam sends their kind love to you all every one and execpt of the same to you all from your affectionate cousin

Marion Brown

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