Monday, December 13, 2010

Tower Cottages, 6 September 1874

Marion's writing to James Bryden again, joking about when he'll finally get married (he's been in America for a long time, and promised to Marion Glencross, but so far no wedding); she also laughs that if they have twins at "the first throw," she'll come help with the nursing. Once again, the subject matter of their letters reveals an extraordinary intimacy for a man and woman who are not kin, or lovers, or even neighbors. In more serious news, Aunt is still hurting from the move from the Bogg, and Tam Scott is working but still not strong. Finally, Marion sends a little token of friendship: a feather and some heather for James's hat.

Tower Cottages
September 6th, 1874

My Dear Friend

With great pleasure I take my pen to write you a few lines to let you know how we are all getting on. I hope this will find you all well and I am glad to be able to tell you that we are better as we have been about the time I got your last letter Aunt was not well at all she is often troubled with her head and rheumatisms & you will understand as well as I can tell you that she is entirely of her way and she can never get above leaving the Bogg. Tom is away to his harvest just now it is not a big one there is only twenty acers but he is never very strong so it is just as well that he got a place that they had not much to cut. hay is very scarce in this country this year but corn looks very well & I think the potatoes is keeping pretty free from disease this year as yet.

I hope uncle John & Marion is both well & likewise uncle Joseph and his family. I was surprised when you told me about John Johnstone's wife having twines she had not put off much time I don't think they could be more than ten months married when they were born I hope they are all doing well but I never hear a word of little Sarah send me word how she is getting on. You told me to get married and have twins at the first throw but when are you thinking about getting married now you never tell me that and if you have twins I think I will come over and help to nurse them for every one say I am a good nurse

Aunt sends her kind love to you and bids me say that she thinks you are the only one that minds her for she think uncle John & Marion has forgot her this time it is so long since we had a letter from them & you are to tell them she is wearing very much to hear from them now I will stop I have been a prisoner to the house for a week but I feel a little better so with kind love to you and all friends I remain your affectionate Friend

Marion Brown

I send you a feather and a little peice of heather to wear in the side of your hat. M. B.

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