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Bogg, 9 October 1873

This is the last surviving letter dated in 1873. Health problems still dominate the news from Sanquhar: Tam Scott is still down with the illness he contracted in Dumfries Jail; his mother Aunt Agnes is aging and her family wants her to give up "the cows" and take it easy. James Bryden has offered to pay Marion's expenses if she wants to travel to America, and she thanks him for the offer, but says she cannot leave just yet, with the household in such low times. Still, Marion imagines dancing in her uncle John's "fine house" in Pennsylvania. (Marion Brown doesn't mention her own health, but it must have been somewhat improved for her to be away from the Bogg visiting her own grandmother.)

The Bogg
October 9th 1873

My Dear Friend

It is with much pleasure I write to you to let you know that I received your letter in due time. Altho it was a day or two after it came here before I got it as I happened to be away seeing my grand mother when it came however I am here at last and I hope this will find you in moderate health but I am sorry to tell you that Tom has not been well for the last six weeks and is not much better yet but you will get full particulars about him from Marion as I wrote to her last week. all the rest of us is about our useal way Aunt is just going on her old way but has not been so strong this summer but to tell you the truth she has two much to do if she would only give up the cows but she will not consent to do that.

I am very much obliged to you for your kind offer to think that you are so kind as say that you will send me money when ever I like to take me across but I cannot send you word this time when I may come for as Tom is not like to be strong I dont know how things may turn up if he does not get better soon and altho he was better I know he will never have a day's pleasure after what has happened. for he cannot get above it.

but perhaps I will can tell you next time I write to you I have got a letter from my Brother in law since I began to write telling me that my sister Sarah [h]as a son and you can let Marion and uncle John & Joseph know. I think I have not much more worth writting I am glad to hear that uncle John has got such a fine house if ever I am spared to come to americe I will dance a good jig in some of the rooms now I must conclude

give Marion my kind love and execpt of the same to yourself and dont be long in writting for we are always proud to see your letters I remain your loving friend
Marion Brown

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