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Bogg, 12 September 1872

This short note was enclosed with the previous letter to John Glencross, and deals mainly with practical advice about taking "cresses" (creases) out of velvet--to be specific, out of a piece of velvet that James brought over to America, from one Marion to the other. Marion Brown's burnt hand is mentioned again--twice. And, as Marion will express more and more in the 1870s and onward, "I only wish I was beside you."

The Bogg
September 12th 1872

My Dear Cousin

I have had a burned hand or I would have written to both you & James before this I am not good at holding the pen yet but I will try and scrawl a few lines to send with your father you want to know what will take cresses out of velvet well if you damp it on the wrong side and then take a hot iron and draw the wrong side of the velvet across it ought to take the cresses out of it but do not put the iron on the right side of it or it will spoil it altogether I am sorry James got it all cressed for it was a piece of nice velvet I only wish I was beside you if it is not all the worse I think I could put it right for you I will write a long letter to you & James soon but my hand is very stif so I will write you no more news just now your father will tell you who the things is for that Johnstone has we would have sent more but we thought by the way he spoke he had not much room. now I will say goodbye with kind love to your own dear self and some one else I will not name from your loving & affectionate cousin Marion Brown

To Marion

PS be sure & write soon

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