Monday, February 23, 2009

Bogg, 10 January 1872

A short, damaged two-sided letter this time. Marion sends holiday wishes and reports on her own father's health (poor), a visit from Davie Williamson, apparently a local man who has emigrated and returned on a visit, and in the PS a note about the health of Uncle John's son John Glencross in Carmacoup.
The Bogg
January 10th, 1872

Dear Cousin

I wish you & your Father both a happy new year and I hope it will find you both well [I am?] glad to be able to tell you that this leaves us all in a moderate state of health for which we ought to be very thankful, uncle William and his family are all well you may tell your father [that?] my father is a little better [he?] had what is called watery [paper torn] in his arm and got [paper torn] now when the pain is away he is so weak he cannot walk across the floor. We had a call from Davie Williamson last week and had a long talk about our friends in America he will soon be going away I wish I had been going with him I dont know how it is but I have always the [paper torn] to be in America. There is not[hing?] new going on here just now the cows are all doing very well [paper torn] I will be writting to you before [long?] if well and I will can tell you how heavy the swine was we are going to kill next week. Davie Williamson is going to take a cousin of his with him to America her name is Isabella Johnstone [paper torn] am going a new years card to Uncle Joseph's little Agnes and one to little James and one to yourself give all that asks for me my kind love not forgetting your father and your own dear [self?]

I remain your loving cousin Marion Brown

PS Cousin John Glencross at Carmacoup was no better the [last?] word I got. M. B. Aunt Marion will know who these two cards are from

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