Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bogg, 5 May 1870

This incomplete letter is very damaged by torn and worn-away edges (the damage happened while the letter was folded, which quadrupled the loss), but I'll try to share as much of the contents as are readable.

My dear uncle

I again lift my pen to let you know how we are all getting on at the Bogg and I am very happy to be able to tell you that we are all in a moderate state of health at present for which we cannot be to thankful for. it is astonishing to see how strong Aunt keeps to have so much [torn] for she is always working [torn] have all the thinking to do to ge [torn] thinks kept right. I hope this will find you and Marion both in good health you will be busy getting all your garden put right everything comes in its season Tam is wondering what kind of [hens? torn] have because if ever he [goes? torn, more than a full line lost] like them in America [torn] great man for all kinds [torn]

Mr. Kennedy thinks he can [torn] the pedigree of the Bogg cows since he was four years old. our cows has done very well this spring but we have been very scarce of hay and although the cows are not to be called lean they would have been the better of more to eat. we have a [torn] littler of young pigs just now [torn] ere is twelve of them and they [torn] doing very well and we [torn] sow to pig about this time [torn] if all goes right with the pigs they will be a good help to Aunt for they are very dear just now we have got our potatoes planted two weeks since but there is no [torn] this year Aunt thinks [torn] just as well to buy all [torn, more than a full line lost]

Kerr of Whitehill [torn] begun to make cheese again [torn] busy in the boiler house just now putting boiling whey on the curds. I hope by this time you will have got your parcle from John Moffat and the tailor is wondering how your trousers will fit he thinks you might come over some Saturday night so that [torn] could get measured for he [torn] there will be a difference of [torn] now, give Marion my kind regards and tell her she will get a surprise some day that will make her boil the kettle quickly we were all sitting at the fire the other night and we made a settlement that we would just all go of to America and [torn, more than a full line lost]

that is the girl that [torn] us for a year and a half [torn] to do all the messages [torn] says if he is not in America in less than two years he will be a soldier so you see we have all things settled the same as if we were going to start tomorrow uncle Joseph and uncle William are both at Greenock draining [torn] I had a letter from them this week and they were both well their families are all in good health at present my brother James has got another addition to his family a little girl and I think it will be named Margret for my mother, I wrote the most of her last letter lying in my bed but [torn] to sit up and write [torn] on the table at the window [rest of letter lost]

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