Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bog, 26 June 1865

Marion Brown was 21 years old when she added these words to a letter written by her uncle James Glencross to her uncle (his brother) John Glencross in Pennsylvania. John had left "the Bog" and emigrated in 1852 with his wife Helen Brown; their daughter Marion Glencross was born that same year in America. Helen Brown died in 1855.

In this first surviving letter, we already see Marion's usual topics of correspondence: her own health (usually not strong), the crops and livestock (potatoes, turnips, pigs, chickens, cows), and local events (deaths, mainly). This letter was written soon after her aunt, Agnes Glencross Scott or "Nanny," lost her husband Samuel Scott.

Dear uncle seeing uncle James is so busy I will try and write you a few lines to let you know what is going on about the Bog although I am not able to be up yet I sometimes try to write in bed. I was glad to hear by your last letter that you and Marion were getting on so well with your household and gardening affairs. they are very busy here weeding the potates and one thing just brings on another I will begin and tell you about the live stock now---we have not so many pigs this year we have just six big ones but we have an old one and ten young ones, and we are nurseing one ourselves. and I think the cows is doing wounderful well this year Aunt Nanny is going on with the cheader cheeses, and she has not many hens but she has a lot of young chickens and she thinks if she could get A chance she would send you two or three for A change of stock but I was to say likewise that she felt herself very lonely it is A great mis to us all the want of Samuel and it must be worse for her but Death is no stranger amongst us their is A good many of our acquaintance taken away this spring---

William Young of Moshend
died about two months since and Robert McWhir's wife is very poorly and not expected to get better her trouble is a growth in the stomach.

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